As the snow storm continues, America is facing other difficult days

Regions in the United States are facing other difficult days with the continuation of the snow storm that has resulted in deaths, cut off electricity for hundreds of thousands, and caused major paralysis in air traffic, at a time when the state of Texas declared an emergency due to the energy crisis.

The US National Weather Service said on Saturday evening that it expects the storm to continue through the weekend before temperatures return to seasonal averages by the middle of next week. The authority expected temperatures to drop to 13 degrees below zero in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, exceeding the previous record levels recorded on Christmas Eve in 1983, which amounted to 10 degrees below zero.

The American meteorologists provided advice to citizens who travel or leave their homes during the snow storm, and said that they should prepare for the extreme cold by wearing layers of clothing and covering as much skin as possible, warning of exposure to a frostbite within minutes.

Since Wednesday, the United States has been hit by the most violent storm in decades, accompanied by polar winds that caused heavy snowfall, especially in the Great Lakes region. This resulted in paralysis in several cities, such as New York, with temperatures reaching minus 48 degrees in some areas.

To date, at least 18 people have been killed in the United States by record colds and accidents. The storm led to the cancellation of about 2,700 new flights, which brings to about 10,000 the number of canceled flights, and thousands of other flights were postponed, and this led to a change in the travel plans of millions of Americans who are preparing for the Christmas holidays.

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