Biden signs Sweden and Finland to join NATO

USA President Joe Biden signed the protocol for Sweden and Finland to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The US President said – in a speech, that we are taking another important step today to include Sweden and Finland in NATO, and that the United States will never abandon its commitment to defend every inch of NATO territory.

He stressed the need to be “vigilant about any threats” facing the alliance or any “aggressions”, pointing out that NATO’s door is still open to European countries that respond to the conditions.

He added that the United States is committed to NATO, and we will write with our partners and allies the future we want to see, and made clear that NATO has been the basis for security in the world for decades.

He continued, “It is now important to deter threats before they harm our people, our allies and our interests,” noting that this shows how the alliance addresses instability and aggression.

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