Biden stuck in traffic and a spider over the coffin .. exciting scenes and shots at Queen Elizabeth’s historic funeral

The United Kingdom bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II, Monday, at a funeral that will be immortalized in history, and the organizers were keen that this funeral embody the heritage of the Kingdom, and be worthy of a queen who ruled for 7 decades, and indeed it was the case, as the world watched, the funeral is the largest in Britain’s history.

The various stages of the late Queen’s funeral were interspersed with a number of remarkable scenes and footage, some of which can be reviewed below:

US President Joe Biden received special treatment compared to the rest of the world’s leaders who arrived in London to participate in the funeral, as the US President allowed him to travel in his “beast” car to reach Westminster Abbey Church, unlike the rest of the world’s leaders. Upon arriving at the church, Biden was forced to wait standing before reaching the seat assigned to him, and the reason was that his arrival coincided with the arrival of the crosses and the emblems that would be placed around the Queen’s coffin directing him to his seat.

Social networking sites also reported how the US President’s car got stuck in traffic jams in central London, trying to reach the Westminster Abbey church, forcing the president’s security convoy to stop more than once.

It is the most famous spider in the world.” The comment made by many of those who followed the funeral, after the cameras were caught, was a spider that stuck to a white paper on the bouquet of roses that was above the coffin, and remained attached to the paper throughout the direct transfer of the coffin, and this was one of the funny moments at the funeral.

This funeral witnessed an unprecedented number of spectators, according to some estimates, and thousands of Britons took to the streets along the 35.4 kilometres, which is the distance between Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle, where the Queen is buried.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral would not have known this success, and this unparalleled organization, had it not been for the unprecedented security measures, which the British police described as “the largest security operation in Britain’s history”, in which nearly 12,000 security men participated, in addition to 4,500 soldiers. .

According to the institution specialized in the television industry, about 4.1 billion people around the world watched the stages of the Queen’s funeral and transferred to her final resting place, stressing that the funeral was transmitted through the major television and digital platforms in the world, which makes it reach all the world’s population.

This record makes it the most watched funeral in history, as the funeral of Princess Diana was watched by 2.5 billion people around the world, and the record was held by boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, during his carrying the Olympic torch in the American city of Atlanta in 1996, and watched this event 3.6 billion person.

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