Chadian diplomat arrested

Security authorities in N’Djamena arrested a member of the opposition on Sunday, who expressed support for Chadian Arab tribes fighting alongside the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan.

The arrest followed a video posted on June 7 by Hussein Al-Amin Joo Joo, a defector from Chad and leader of the Movement of Rebels for Fighting Against the Oppressed in Chad (MFOC), showing his participation in the attack on the Yarmouk ammunition factory in Khartoum.

The video sparked controversy in both Sudan and Chad, where MFOC is an armed group aiming to overthrow President Idriss Deby’s government. Former Chadian ambassador to Egypt, Amin Adoudo, who opposes the government, commented that Joo Joo’s participation was expected and influenced by blood ties linking him to Rapid Support Forces leaders. He stressed that the current political borders between the two countries are artificial and imposed by colonisers, not taking into account significant ethnic and tribal overlap.

Several Chadian news sites, including Alwihdainfo and Lendjampost, reported that the internal security apparatus arrested Adoudo at around 5 pm local time after releasing an audio recrding in WhatsApp groups defending Joo Joo’s alignment.

The former ambassador, a professor at the University of N’Djamena, was arrested several times, most recently after participating in protests against French presence in Chad. Sudanese military leaders accused the Rapid Support Forces of recruiting mercenaries from Chadian, Malian, and Nigerien Arab tribes. On June 9, Major General Shams al-Din al-Kabashi, deputy commander-in-chief of the armed forces, stated that the Sudanese army is fighting foreign mercenaries.

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