Chief of Staff: Welcomes the resumption of the drawing for the Armed Forces plan

Lieutenant-General Muhammad Othman Al-Hussein, Chief of Staff of the Sudan, announced the readiness of the engineering and service departments of the armed forces to harness all their capabilities to work with the state of Khartoum in the field of infrastructure and services to advance the country’s capital, the state and the removal of squatter housing.

This came during the inauguration of the draw for the class housing plan for batch (49) of the Armed Forces today at the Officers Club, in the presence of the designated governor of Khartoum State, Mr. Ahmed Othman Hamza, and Deputy Chief of Staff.

Lieutenant-General Al-Hussein welcomed the resumption of the drawing for the armed forces plan after a 10-year hiatus, explaining that members of the armed forces cannot obtain homes through the real estate market, and there is no way for that other than the housing plan in the states of Sudan. The designated governor of Khartoum State, Mr. Ahmed Othman, saluted the role of the armed forces in protecting the homeland and in building and reconstruction, and said that the armed forces’ lottery comes within the framework of the state government’s directives to empty all the suspended housing plan files, but the challenge facing us now is to deliver services to the areas of the housing plan, “This requires moving towards vertical construction, which is located near the service areas,” he added, referring in this regard to the multi-storey city of the deceased Abdul Wahab, welcoming the armed forces’ move to buy apartments from the city.

The Director-General of the Ministry of Urban Planning in charge of running the ministry’s work under the powers of the Minister, Engineer Hassan Issa, said, “The ministry has so far implemented more than 300,000 housing units, but we hope to support the armed forces for the areas of the housing plan by helping to provide services.” He directed the survey department at the ministry to hand over their housing plots to members of the armed forces immediately.

Taha Dafa Allah, Director General of the Land Authority, said that the housing plan of the armed forces is one of the oldest plans that began in the eighties of the last century, referring to the partnerships between the lands and the armed forces by implementing many housing plans, and plans for veterans and armed forces pensioners. With regard to the lottery, he explained that the beneficiaries will be handed over to the (8) square of Al-Madaen, east of the Nile.

The Director of the Military Shelter Department said that the delivery of housing units to members of the armed forces comes within the framework of creating a work environment and carrying out tasks efficiently, in addition to raising morale.

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