Civil Defence of Khartoum: precautionary measures for autumn

The High Committee for Autumn Emergency (2022) held a meeting under the chairmanship of the Civil Defence of Khartoum State at which Civil Defence preparations for Khartoum State were reviewed for the autumn of this year.

Brigadier General Ayub Abd al-Rahim, Director of Civil Defence, Khartoum State, explained that according to the police press office, all preparations for the fall confrontation were completed, as a plan of action was drawn up with several axes according to this fall data.

He added that the meeting discussed several plans to confront the disasters associated with the fall as they occurred and to identify the latest equipment. He noted that the meeting came up with a number of important decisions and recommendations, notably the provision of the necessary resources and the establishment of emergency committees in the state and localities with precautionary measures and early hedging and coordination with the relevant authorities.

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