Civil Front to Stop War and Restore Democratic Path… New interface

A group of political forces are determined to establish a new front called the Civil Front to Stop the War and Restore the Democratic Path, with a preparatory meeting scheduled for today in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

The head of the media department of the National Umma Party and a leader in the Freedom and Change Forces (FCC), Musbah Ahmed, announced that all preparations for the four-day meeting from October 21 to 24 have been completed.

The meeting will discuss expanding the civil front, stopping the war, and the humanitarian situation, with the outputs presented at the general conference of the front scheduled for the first half of November.

Politicians and activists have indicated that the new front is nothing but a new facade for FCC, with some of its leaders participating in the preparatory committee and promoting it on their social media pages.

This new front comes after the failure of the Civil Front to Stop the War and Democratic Transition, which had similar leadership from the Freedom and Change movement.

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