Conclusion of the budget preparation workshop for the Sudan Children’s Village for the year 2023

Mr. Abdel Rahman Al-Mubarak, Head of the Sudan Children’s Village (sos), stressed that the responsibility for the protection and care of children is the responsibility of all members of society, all institutions and ministries of government and civil society organizations working in the field of children.

This came at the end of the budget workshop for the Children’s Village for 2023 organized by the Children’s Village.

Professor Abd al-Rahman appreciated the role of the State’s children’s partners to ensure that a child-friendly budget was produced that met their needs and their rights to education, health, welfare, social and psychological protection and social integration programmes were realized.

He stressed the importance of partnerships that achieve the goals of the state’s child protection and welfare programmes and that budgets for 2023 will achieve the goals of child care and protection despite the economic conditions experienced by the country.

Abdel Rahman praised the role of all participants representing governmental and voluntary institutions in the workshop and stressed the importance of media and community advocacy for the implementation of programmes and projects for children.

The budget also included several projects, including academic evaluation (secondary schools, vocational training, universities) for students and the achievement of psychological support programmes to reach psychological indicators on the situation of children, entrepreneurship programmes, qualification and training in all fields, life skills training and enhancement, as well as sports programmes, afforestation programmes and activities, and community awareness in localities and neighbourhoods.

The budget included family strengthening strategies to play its role in the care and protection of children and young people as well as to train and increase the skills of village workers and service providers and to keep abreast of technology in every step of implementing the Department’s programmes and projects, as well as to draw on past experience in budget enforcement.

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