Coordination between Kassala State and Dam Unit for Water Problem Treatments

Wally Kassala, in charge of the Secretary-General of the Government, Mr. Khojli Hamad Abdullah, revealed that Saudi aid is allocated to a number of 20 wells with full accessories that will be drilled in the state after determining priorities and locations. Among the 70 wells allocated to all states, he commended the support of Saudi aid and its allocation to this estimated number of bars to the state and their readiness.

In press statements, the Wali reviewed the state government’s considerable endeavours to address the significant problems and distress in drinking water experienced by most of the long-standing revival of the eastern and western city of Kassala.

The state, in particular the city of Kassala, is facing a wave of thirst, burning citizens, affecting people’s lives and causing them real suffering during the past month of Ramadan. He explained that the state government has made an appreciable effort to address the so-called crisis by contacting the center and explaining the dimensions of the problem and that there is an appreciable response from the center through the reflection with the dam implementation unit management on water problems, which led to the certification of 12 submersible electric bulbs in various sizes, in addition to the extension of the state with 20 solar power units to operate the orders, the state will arrive after the holiday of Eid Al-FitAl-Fit-Fitrah,

He added that the dam unit is in the process of Atlas of water in the Sudan and that Kassala State will be one of the Atlas that will be of great importance, noting that the provision of service to the state by the dam department comes from the basis of the relationship with the mandate and its projects of the Khazani project up the Atbara River and Sitit.

He emphasized that the success of this step means making a significant contribution to the state, especially the city of Kassala, and working to increase the efficiency of energy working in the field of water, stating that there is a joint team with the Dam Implementation Unit that will be formed to carry out a study to solve the water problem in the future in addition to considering the proposal to extend the line Grazing water from Citit contributes to the underground stock of the city of Kassala through Al Qash.

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