Criminal Investigation arrested a gang specialized in bank fraud

The Criminal Investigation Department of the General Administration of Criminal Investigations was able to arrest two accused out of five individuals who represent the elements of a criminal network active in bank fraud operations, the elements of which belong to one of the states of Sudan.

There is a criminal network that engages in criminal activity that started with fraud through transferring the balance, then developed to introduce new methods of fraud, which met with great success, to the extent that some prominent personalities fell into their nets. Most of its members consist of the sons of one of the states and they have the imagination in their head that they have some magic that helps them in fraud.

This group consists of (5) individuals who represent the leaders and they are 21 years old is the leader Who bears all fraud operations and has a huge number of accounts and pages in (Facebook), and the last fraud was an account opened for her on 6/6/2022 .

The efforts of the Criminal Investigation Department continued to uncover the intrigues of this criminal network and end its criminal activity in coordination with the Information Crimes Prosecution and the Security and Intelligence Agency through the Economic Security Department and these procedures are proceeding at a pace Urgent efforts to arrest the leaders and take legal measures against them and bring them to trial.

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