Daglo There is no disagreement between Army and Rapid Support Forces

Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council and Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has affirmed that there is no disagreement between the Army and the RSF, saying that the talk in this regard in the media is sheer rumors.

Daglo, addressing the Rapid Support Forces at Karari base in Omdurman today, explained that there is a disagreement, but it is between those who want to hand over power to civilians, and those who insist on not leaving power.

He directed the forces on the necessity of respecting the regular forces, as they are one force, and they must strengthen each other, stressing that there is no problem between the Army and the Rapid Support Forces, calling for not responding to attempts to drive a wedge between the two parties, through some provocations.

Daglo stressed that the Army and the Rapid Support Forces support each other and are working with each other in order to realize development and progress in Sudan.

He said they want to lead Sudan to democratic transformation, and this is an irreversible line, and it is an agreement and a covenant between the military component and the civilian component.

The world, especially the Gulf states and the European Union, support the civil democratic transition in Sudan, Daglo added.

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