Defused the crisis between the Hamar and Misseriya tribes

The principals of North Kordofan state, led by the headmaster of Al-Zein Mirghani Hussein Zaki Al-Din, the head of the delegation of North Kordofan, who arrived in the city of Al-Nhoud in the state of West Kordofan, presented an initiative to enter as a mediator to address the file of the conflict between the Hamar and Misseriya tribes against the background of the conflict that occurred between them recently due to the repercussions of border demarcation Between the localities of Al-Senout and Al-Nuhud.

In the comprehensive meeting with the leaders of the Emirate of Dar Hamar headed by Prince Abdel Qader Moneim Mansour, the Emir of the Emirate of Dar Hamar, the beholder, Al-Zein Mirghani Hussein Zaki Al-Din Nazer Al-Badiria, head of the delegation, confirmed that they came with this initiative in order to hear the Emirate of all the tribes of Dar Hamar and take its approval to enter as a mediator to solve this crisis.

Nazer Al-Badiria referred to the relations between all the societal components in Greater Kordofan, which are not separated by administrative borders. He said that the bloody events between the Hamar and the Blue Misseriya are the motivation for presenting the initiative of the leadership of peace between the two parties, indicating that the delegation started in the city of Nahud to hear from the local administration of the Hamar tribe about the details of the problem and its vision for a solution, then go to the leadership of the Blue Misseriya and propose the initiative to them, listen to their opinion and start the solution after receiving the authorization From both sides.

For his part, Prince Abdel Qader Monem Mansour, the prince of all the tribes of Dar Hamar, welcomed the delegation of the governors of North Kordofan state, pointing out in his speech to the delegation the historical relations between Hamar and the Misseriya Az-Zarq, indicating that they are strong relations, and they are ties of kinship, kinship and neighborliness, and that during their history there was no fighting between them. He declared that he would not give up any inch of the lands of Dar Hamar, and that the city of Abu Zabad is the historical capital of the Hamar tribe.

Prince Abdel-Qader Monem also gave a full explanation to the principals of the reasons that led to the dispute over the demarcation that took place by the National Border Commission, the Hammar Emirate’s view of the matter, and the position of the West Kordofan state government, which he described as not being impartial.

The Emir of Dar Hamar confirmed his approval of the initiative of the governors of North Kordofan state and granted them the authorization to enter as a mediator to address the crisis.

For his part, Mr. Al-Sadiq Murida Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim, head of the Supreme Council for Social Peace and Reconciliation in the state, welcomed the initiative of the governors of North Kordofan state, stressing the calm security conditions in Abu Zabad locality after the major interventions by the center and the state government, calling on everyone to exercise restraint and stop crowds and gatherings, stressing the state’s ability to resolve these conflicts.

The delegation included the overseers of North Kordofan, which included, besides the headmaster of Badiriya, all the overseers of the tribes of Al-Shuwaihat, Al-Majanin, Dar Hamed, Al-Hawawir and Al-Shanabila, in addition to the overseer of the sea mountains.

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