Deim, Khartoum and Atbara stations reach flood level

The Flood Committee confirmed in its daily statement today that Al-Deim, Khartoum and Atbara have reached the flood level.

The level of the Blue Nile at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border recorded 569 million square meters (29 million cubic meters less than last year), and Atbara River recorded 311 million square meters higher than last year by 165 million cubic meters, while the level of the White Nile (Malkal) ) 160 million cubic meters per day.

In its daily report, the committee warned the citizens living on the banks of the Nile from north of Khartoum to Dongola and the Atbara and Dandar rivers to take precautions to preserve their lives and property.

The statement confirmed that the drainage behind the Roseres dam rose today to 445 million square meters compared to 443 millionsquare meters yesterday, and the drainage behind the Sennar dam rose to 472 million square meters compared to 471 million square meters yesterday, while the discharge in the Atbara and Setit dam decreased to 136 million meters.

square meters compared to 467 million square meters yesterday, and the drainage in Khashm El-Qirba decreased to 255 million square meters compared to 480 million square meters yesterday, and the drainage in Meroe settled at 758 million square meters at the same rate yesterday, and the discharge in Jabal Awliya Ibi increased by 149 million meters.

A square compared to 132 million square meters yesterday. With regard to forecasting water levels, the report indicated that all sectors on the Nile witness stability near flood levels.

The committee also announced the start of storage in the Roseires reservoirs, Atbara dam complex, Setit and Khashm al-Qirba.

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