Deputy Wali West Kordofan commends the cohesion and unity of Abuzbid communities

Deputy Wally West Kordofan Prof. Adam Krachum Nureldin said that the Juba Peace Agreement for the Peace of the Sudan had brought significant gains to the citizens of West Kordofan State, particularly in the field of development and services suffered by the people for long periods and was the cause and motive for carrying weapons. All municipalities had such rights without discrimination.

Addressing the Abuzbid community yesterday, Karshum praised the qualitative meeting of local events for the cohesion and unity of the social fabric of Abuzbad local. He said there is such a flesh and cohesion in other localities.

The mandate was in dire need of such cohesion, which would enable the Government to deliver and coordinate services as required. The Deputy Governor of West Kordofan drew attention to the current security challenges that require the cooperation and collaboration of all citizens to overcome them.

He called for the need to stop negative social media campaigns these days, noting that such campaigns would not hinder the Government’s work as long as the goal was a state citizen who lacked the lowest viability. The Director-General of the State Ministry of Education and Guidance, Mr. Ahmed Rahmatullah Al-Imam, and the Executive Director of Abu Zabid Ibrahim Yusuf Issa Local and Representative of the Safi Community, Mohammed Ibrahim, spoke at the meeting.

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