Education in the Blue Nile: Challenges facing the school year in the region Damazin

The Ministry of Education in the Blue Nile Region revealed challenges facing the 2022-2023 academic year, in addition to taking note of the arrangements for the consultancy scheduled to be held this week.

This came during the enlightening meeting of Professor Ishraqa Ahmed Khamis, Minister of Education today, headed by the Ministry in Damazin, with media agencies and journalists, with the participation of Professor Mahjoub Al-Sheikh, Director General of the Ministry and directors of public and specialized departments.

Ishraqa commended the media’s effort and its handling of vital issues, and explained that the school year in the region began in light of a number of challenges, and the study in Damazin city was postponed for two weeks after consulting with the relevant authorities due to the damage of a number of schools to the rain and the deterioration of some infrastructure in order to preserve the safety of students. She said that some schools that were designated as centers to accommodate the displaced were affected in their study aids, and others that deteriorated the environment, and the ministry began cooperating with partners.In the rehabilitation and maintenance of the affected schools and workpieces are advanced stages.

Ishraqa stressed that the challenges facing education are represented in creating the educational environment and infrastructure in need of urgent interventions, in addition to seating, book shortages, poor registration and lack of teachers, in addition to reconciling the conditions of returnees. Ishraqa added that the plan for the year 20222/2023 aims for good and equitable education for all, working to raise the acceptance rate for all levels and reduce the illiteracy rate, in addition to completing the shortage of teachers and training and returning extra-curricular activities.

Noting that all the administrative and technical arrangements for holding the consultancy have been completed with the aim of analyzing what was implemented in the past year and setting plans and strategies for the coming period.

For his part, Professor Mahjoub Al-Sheikh, Director General of the Ministry, explained that there are a number of measures to address the issue of the returnee curriculum in the areas of Karmak and Oulu, and the use of pension teachers to train teachers on teaching methods, pointing out that the Ministry is making appreciated efforts to exclude the appointment of new teachers and seek with partners to providethe book. Mahjoub said that the ministry is relying on the outputs and recommendations of the advisory and bringing them down to the ground and dealing with the aspects related to the supplementary exams and the ministry’s vision and methodology in redistributing teachers and addressing the shortcomings.

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