Eid in Sudan

The celebration of Eid begins early in the State of Sudan. Those visiting this great country near the day of Eid feel the beautiful atmosphere of streets, houses and shops. On Eid al-Fitr, for example, preparations and preparations for it begin in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. Among the most important preparations are: the preparation of Eid Eid foods and sweets.

The State of Sudan is known for its many distinctive desserts, as well as the bread shared by Arab countries and communities, cakes, etc., where it makes large quantities of these desserts and distinctive foods so that the owner of the house honours his visitors on this great occasion.

The Sudanese people are warm and welcoming. This is why the occasion of Eid is regarded as one of the occasions that wash away any adversity on which hearts were filled during the year. After the Eid prayers are performed in the mosques, the squares allocated to it by all men, women, adults and young people, the Sudanese immediately begin to exchange congratulations, and pray for each other.

One of the beautiful customs of the Eid period in Sudan, all the men of the one neighbourhood in a large proportion of villages flocked to the largest man of the neighbourhood, Or wherever it’s already known, each of them carries God’s food for breakfast. Then they go to extend congratulations to the patients who were taken away by the disease from enjoying the joys of Eid. for the elderly who cannot move, hence the Sudanese spend the day of the first holiday exchanging congratulations between neighbours and friends. After they reach the times, the visits of parents and friends living in distant neighbourhoods begin.

Of the Sudanese people’s great pleasure with the coming of Eid, these visits, family trips, and beautiful times last for days of Shawwal month. On this occasion, Sudanese also like to spend time on the banks of the Nile River. One of the distinctive and beloved customs of this people, as in the rest of the Arab peoples, is the Eidiyah custom, which is the monetary gift given by adults to young people and to women’s wombs.

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