Embassy of Malaysia organizes a cultural celebration in Khartoum

Next Saturday, corresponding to 16th of this month, the Malaysian Embassy will organize a major cultural celebration in Khartoum at Petronas Buildings on Nile Street in Khartoum.

This was announced by the Malaysian Ambassador in Khartoum Mohamed Razdan Jamil to Sudan News Agency. He said that the cultural festival includes artistic and cultural performances to introduce the Malaysian civilization and culture.

The festival will be attended by bands and folk dance groups. The celebration also includes an exhibition of Malaysian art, in which paintings by many painters are displayed, in addition to introducing the various Malaysian folk foods.

In an interview with SUNA, the ambassador talked about the bilateral relations between the two countries, the importance of developing them in the future, and the opportunities available for cooperation between the two countries. In his speech, he referred to the abundant natural resources and capabilities that Sudan enjoys, the expertise and the great technological progress of the State of Malaysia, and the areas of joint coordination for the benefit of the two countries.

It is noteworthy that Sudan and Malaysia enjoy distinguished relations at the official and popular levels. The beginning of diplomatic relations between the two friendly countries was in 1973, but it witnessed a remarkable improvement after the entry of major Malaysian companies in the field of investment to extract oil in Sudan in 1997.

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