Energy Minister discusses with Egyptian ambassador development of electricity interconnection

The Minister of Energy and Oil, Eng. Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud, discussed with Egypt’s Ambassador in Khartoum, Hossam Issa, the possibility of developing the Sudanese-Egyptian cooperation in the field of energy and electricity.

The meeting discussed the possibility of cooperation in increasing the electrical link and introducing renewable energy projects in Sudan for Egyptian companies to benefit from its experience in this field, in addition to the training and development of cadres and the exchange of experiences.

The Minister of Energy has reviewed the situation of the implementation of project for the increase the electrical interconnection between Sudan and Egypt and the challenges facing the project.

He valued Egypt’s role in overcoming the obstacles facing the transformer installation project, asserting the good progress of work following the reception of all the station equipment, which is expected to raising the electricity connection from (70 megawatts to 300 as an initial stage until it reaches 700 megawatts).

Ambassador Hossam Issa affirmed Egypt’s support for the project to increase the electrical connection and increase cooperation in the fields of energy and electricity, indicating the look forward to a real partnership that leads to sustainable development for the two countries.

He pointed out to the priority for the Sudan to conduct joint projects that achieve trade and commodity exchange between the two countries.

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