Entrepreneurs are launching an initiative to support the affected torrents and rains

The President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, General Abdul Fatah al-Burhan, met today with a delegation of Sudanese businessmen and the private sector to address the damage caused by floods and rains in a number of states and the suffering of citizens as a result of this disaster.

Al-Burhan expressed thanks and appreciation to Sudanese businessmen for their support and valuable contributions in helping those affected by floods and rains in various states.

They praised their solemn national actions, which they continued to offer without harm or harm, noting the speed with which they responded to the call of the nation and stood by the affected citizens to confront this ordeal.

Mr. Hisham Al-Sobat, President of the Sudanese Employers’ Union, revealed in a press release an initiative for Sudanese businessmen to support the affected torrents and rains in all the states of the country, stating that an executive committee had been established to oversee support and assistance.

The businessman Maaouya al-Barir said that the meeting was in response to the invitation of the President of the Sovereign Council, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, in an effort to encourage the private sector to stand by those affected by floods and rains.

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