Facebook closes “Hamedti” platforms

After Facebook deleted the pages of the Rapid Support Forces and their leader, Muhammad Hamdan, “Hamidti,” the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan announced that a team of them is trying to reestablish their online presence.

In addition, Middle East Eye stated that the management of the most well-known social networking site had already erased accounts belonging to Rapid Support on the grounds that they had violated the restrictions on dangerous individuals and groups.

According to this guideline, it is forbidden for organizations or people to use Facebook if they engage in or promote violence.

The rebel Rapid Support Forces claimed to be up against a “enormous challenge” from a group that was planning an organized attack to remove its identify from the internet.

Hours after the pages were shut down, an RSF spokeswoman issued a statement saying, “Their team is working tirelessly to restore Rapid Support’s digital presence and is taking all precautions to secure a platform against future attacks.”

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