Foreign statement on Sudan’s membership of human rights

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today issued a statement on Sudan’s second re-election to human rights membership for the period 2023-2025.
The text of the statement is as follows: Sudan scoop

The Sudan won its second re-election to the Human Rights Council for the period 2023-2025 in the morning of Tuesday, 11 October 2022, New York.

It should be noted that the Sudan has faced a fierce campaign to block its re-election to the Human Rights Council, to which it is a candidate, among three other countries, Algeria, Morocco and South Africa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its specialized departments, has led extensive diplomatic moves within the framework of close coordination and cooperation with sister, friendly and regional and international partners.

The diplomatic campaign resulted in the Sudan’s landslide victory, with 157 out of 190 eligible votes for membership of the Human Rights Council as the representative of the East African Community of the Council for a new session.

The fact that the Sudan has won membership of the Human Rights Council at this juncture reaffirms Sudan’s commitment to international human rights laws and conventions.

The standing and voting of 157 States with the Sudan also signifies the international community’s appreciation of the Sudanese Government’s efforts to safeguard human rights.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes this opportunity to express its sincere thanks and appreciation to the brotherly and friendly countries that supported and supported the Sudan to achieve this victory.

In the same vein, the efforts of the Ministry of Justice, government institutions, the national human rights machinery and national partner organizations to achieve this sustained victory should be commended.

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