French President Macron’s party changes its name

French President Emmanuel Macron’s “La République en Marche” party has officially changed its name to “Renaissance” party.

The party was set up one year before Macron’s arrival at the Elysee in 2017, and served as a vehicle for his re-election in 2022. The party is reconstructing itself while its founder will not be able to seek a third presidential term in 2027.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s party, the largest party in the National Assembly, agreed to change its name to “Renaissance” at a conference on Saturday, after merging with two smaller allies.

Macron, who became Ennahda’s honorary president, warned that “without unity, the extremists will win.” Macron was re-elected last May after running against the National Rally (extreme right) candidate Marine Le Pen, who received more than 41% of the vote.”

This is the beginning of a new phase in the transformation of our country,” French Prime Minister Elizabeth Born said at the conference. “Today we have opened a new page in our political history,” she said, adding that with the name change, the movement had become “mature.”

In the legislative elections last June, Macron lost the absolute majority in the French National Assembly, while the far right won 89 seats.

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