Hamdok meets Hemeti

On Monday, a joint meeting was held between the Coordination of Democratic Civil Forces (Taqadum) and the Rapid Support Forces in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to discuss ways to end the war in Sudan. The Taqadum delegation was led by Abdullah Hamdok, accompanied by a delegation representing the Forces of Freedom and Change, while on the other side, the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Hemeti, was present.

Hemeti’s appearance after his disappearance since the third month of the outbreak of the war in Sudan on April 15th, has raised some surprise and secrecy among many Sudanese people. Many expected his death due to his disappearance, which led many to speculate about his death, while others denied that the person who appeared was him and claimed that it was someone who resembled him.

The meeting also sparked some outrage, expressed by politician Cameron Hudson, who said: “Seeing supposed civilian leaders in Sudan treating the person who destroys their country, rapes their women, and loots their homes like a brother is truly disgusting and gives me no hope for the country’s future. Self-serving and shameful betrayal of all Sudanese.”

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