Her dream is to transfer refugees to Rwanda… the resignation of the British Home Secretary

The decision to resign, British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, announced yesterday, Wednesday, was widely welcomed and praised on social media by British politicians and human rights activists, against the background of her anti-refugee stances.

Braverman posted on her Twitter account her resignation letter to Prime Minister Liz Truss, saying she had resigned due to a “technical violation” of government rules by sending an official document from her private email.

“I realized my mistake,” Braverman said in her letter. “I hold myself fully responsible, and my resignation is the right thing to do.” Braverman expressed her “concern” about the direction in which the current government is violating “key commitments” to voters, in addition to her “serious concerns” about the government’s failure to “reduce the number of immigrants and stop illegal immigration, especially migrant boats.”

In addition to celebrating her resignation, the participants recalled previous statements by Braverman in early October, when she stated that her dream was to see a picture of the take-off of a flight carrying asylum seekers from Britain to Rwanda.

The way the new minister, who has Indian origins, and her parents arrived in Britain from Kenya and Mauritius, expressed the surprise of many, as she is a minister with immigrant origins who declares that her dream is to deport refugees outside the country.

Suella Braverman attacked Prime Minister Liz Truss’ plan to sign a free trade agreement with India, and said the agreement would increase the number of Indians arriving in Britain.

The minister justified these positions by saying that the British voted to leave the European Union to control their borders and reduce the number of immigrants in the country.

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