Human rights adopt Sudan’s third report

Yesterday, 4 July 2022, the Human Rights Council held the Sudan’s meeting on the adoption of the universal periodic review report During the work of the 50 session of the Human Rights Council, held in Geneva, the Council adopted the outcomes of Sudan’s third report to the universal periodic review mechanism. It also reviewed the Sudan’s position on the recommendations made by States, which amounted to 283, before 244 the recommendation of about 86 per cent of the recommendations and took note of a number of 39 recommendations.The delegation of the Sudan participating in this meeting was headed by Ambassador Hassan Hamid Hassan, Permanent Representative of the Sudan Mission to the United Nations Office at Geneva, together with the representative of the Ministry of Justice, member of the National Human Rights Machinery, Counsellor/Bathina Mohamed El Tayeb Al-Thom.The Head of Delegation delivered a welcoming statement introducing Sudan’s statement s detailed statement on the recommendations and the position of the Sudan thereon, In addition to highlighting the progress made on the human rights situation in the Sudan, particularly with regard to the ratification of the country’s conventions and legislative and legal reform reaffirming Sudan’s commitment to implementing the recommendations accepted during the UPR roundFor its part, all participating States thanked the Sudan for accepting an estimated 85% of the recommendations. They welcomed the Sudan’s cooperation and tireless endeavour to establish political stability in the country and prevent impunity by establishing commissions of inquiry for events that accompanied the events and unanimously recommended the adoption of the recommendations of the Sudan report.

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