IFAD’s supervisory mission commends the performance of the Agricultural Development Project in the States of the Sudan

The Fourth Supervisory Mission of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) commended the outstanding performance of the Agricultural Development and Integrated Marketing Project in a number of states of the Sudan and its significant successes in implementing all its activities and components.

This came during the mission’s final meeting with the main unit of the project in the presence of the general managers of the ministries of production and economic resources of the target states of Sennar, North, West and South Kordofan.

Eng. Ahmed Jaber Sabahi, Head of the Fourth Supervisory Mission, representative of the Country Office for the Sudan, stated in a press release that by holding this meeting, the Mission had completed all its various activities related to the project, noting the successes achieved by the project in implementing all the different components of the project.

The Mission has made many different recommendations. The Mission’s main recommendations are to accelerate the implementation of facilities such as crossings and warehouses to support marketing operations, as well as to intensify and support training in order to enhance the efficiency of the beneficiaries of the project in all areas of its operation and to improve institutional relations in general.

He commended the support provided by the Government of the Sudan, the State Governments and the communities visited by UNMIS and the project’s personnel.

For his part, Eng. Mohamed Youssef Al-Nur, Principal Coordinator of the Agricultural Development and Integrated Marketing Project in Sudan, added that the mission includes experts from IFAD and representatives of the Federal Ministries of Agriculture, Finance and Livestock.

The Fourth Supervisory Mission carried out some seventeen days, covering all the communities in which the project operates in the target States. The Mission met with the beneficiaries of the project’s activities and reviewed the main recommendations and outputs issued at the conclusion of its visits.

The project was working hard to support its beneficiaries, particularly market-related activities, and was building crossings and warehouses over the coming period.

He stressed that the next period will see more provision of agricultural services and mechanisms that help increase income and improve the economic conditions of smallholder farmers in the different areas of the project’s work.

For their part, the Directors-General of the Ministries of Production and Economic Resources of the target states emphasized the pioneering and growing role played by the Sudan’s Integrated Agriculture and Marketing Development Project in rural and economic development.

Referring to a number of observations that contribute to the sustainability of the project in the coming period.

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