IMF  Agrees to  Provide Assistance to Sudan in GFS

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to provide technical assistance to Sudan in the field of Government Financial Statistics (GFS).

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Jibril Ibrahim – during his meeting in his office with the Fund’s mission headed by Nadine Abu Khalid got acquainted on the proposed aid program presented by the mission which includes the provision of technical assistance to improve the compilation of the monthly financial report on the government finance statistics system and providing practical training opportunities on the basic concepts and definitions of the financial statistics manual related to government data sources and compilation of financial reports.

It was agreed during the meeting to conduct a high-level assessment of the needs of building and developing the capabilities of workers in the financial and accounting fields, and the expected results and future technical assistance opportunities were discussed.

It is to be noted that the approval of the IMF to provide technical assistance to Sudan comes in response to a request made by the Minister of Finance to the Fund during his participation in the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank that were held in Washington in October 2022.

The Fund’s mission is currently visiting the country from March (12-23), 2023.

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