Imposing a new increase in the price of burns

The Ministry of Energy and Oil has imposed a new increase in the price of burns. The new fuel price has been running since last Saturday morning.

The sale price of a litre of petrol was increased to LE760 from LE670.
The sale price for a litre of gasol will be 748 pounds from 640 pounds.

According to the General Directorate of Oil Supply and Trade, the prices of combustion came to the Ministry’s review with free and private import companies in the light of the changes in the global market for combustion.

The Ministry explained that the pricing will be uniform for all sectors of service, free and industrial, and will be approved when shipping in warehouses and the beginning of the programming modification of the capital and states service stations at 9 a.m. from the date of this day.

The last fuel price was on March 19.

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