In pictures… After a year of destruction and battles, this is what Khartoum has become

After 12 months of fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, most of the neighborhoods of the Sudanese capital, consisting of the cities of Khartoum, Khartoum Bahri, and Omdurman, have turned into deserted squares. Khartoum, from which tens of thousands of residents were displaced, is no longer as it was before, and its destroyed, looted, and burned homes tell tragic stories of the effects of war and its soul. The situation is approximately in the cities of Khartoum Bahri and Omdurman.

After a year of war, billions of dollars were inflicted on infrastructure, factories, and facilities. Millions lost their means of earning a living, employees’ salaries stopped, and at least 10 million Sudanese emigrated and were displaced as a result of the fighting that spread across several states.

Thousands of government and private buildings in the cities of Khartoum looked like battlefields that are still ongoing in large parts of the capital, even if their pace has declined compared to what was the situation in the first months, but the sounds of bullets and the roar of planes are still heard in several locations in Khartoum.

Large parts of the Republican Palace were destroyed by shells and artillery – Khartoum

Evidence in some of the martyrs’ neighborhoods confirms that it was a place to store weapons and hide military vehicles from drone bombing. In all the side roads, alleys and main streets in central and eastern Omdurman, electricity connections and poles were destroyed by shells.

Most of the neighborhoods of the Sudanese capital have turned into deserted and uninhabitable squares
Omdurman Teaching Hospital was used by the Rapid Support as a military barracks. It was affected by the fighting and parts of it were destroyed
Sheikh Al-Fatih Qaribullah Mosque is a prominent landmark in Omdurman and was hit by shells from all directions
The central station of Omdurman Market was completely looted, destroyed and burned to the ground
Most of the factories in Bahri and Omdurman have become completely destroyed

At the headquarters of Sudan National Broadcasting and Corporation Authority, a fierce battle took place between the army and the Rapid Support, and the army was able to recover it after the Rapid Support took it as a military base, a weapons depot, and a detention center for civilians and army personnel, using them as human shields since the start of the fighting in mid-April 2023.

The vicinity of the headquarters witnessed fierce battles, and the support forces were desperate to barricade themselves inside for long days, but the siege continued and the army’s use of drones eliminated most of the force that was inside. Scenes and pictures from inside the authority showed the extent of the extensive damage it sustained.

Archive of Sudan Broadcasting and Corporation destroyed
Destroyed parts of Broadcasting building in Omdurman

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