Indian cough syrup accused of killing dozens of children in Gambia

After the death of dozens of children in The Gambia, New Delhi and the World Health Organization are investigating the link between the deaths and a cough syrup made in India The World Health Organization said that the deaths of dozens of children in the Gambia may be linked to a cough syrup made in India, while two sources from the Indian Ministry of Health told Reuters – today, Thursday – that India has opened an investigation in this regard.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters on Wednesday that the organization is investigating deaths from acute kidney injury with the drug regulator in India and the New Delhi-based company, Maiden Pharmaceutical, a cough syrup manufacturer.

The two sources said that the organization informed the Comptroller General of Drugs in India about the deaths late last month, after which the regulator launched an investigation with government authorities, in conjunction with the investigation of the World Health Organization.

The two sources stated that the company manufactured the drink and that it was only exported to the West African country. Maiden Pharmaceutical did not respond to calls from news agencies to comment on the incident, nor did it respond to emails.

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