International Praise for Government’s Efforts to Enhance and Protect Human Rights

The United Nations Human Rights Council has praised in its 52nd session, which was held in Geneva during February 27 – 5 March 5, 2023, the efforts made by the government of Sudan towards the development and protection of human rights.

The Chairman of the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Department at the Ministry of Justice and rapporteur of the National Human Rights Mechanism, Guma’a Al-Wakeel, told that Sudan has participated in the 52nd session of the UN Human Rights Council with a high-level delegation headed by the acting Minister of Justice, Mohamed Saeed Al-Hillu, describing the 52nd session of the council was generally characterized by objectivity, frankness and the positive dealing with human rights issues in Sudan

Al-Wakeel pointed out that the statements made by the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Independent Expert, Radhouane Nouicer, who recently visited Sudan, in which they expressed their praise for the efforts made by the government of Sudan in this field as a strong indication of the improvement of the human rights situation in Sudan

He stated that the participants have expressed their satisfaction over the ongoing political process in Sudan, which could lead to a final agreement and the formation of a transitional government that would lead the country to free and fair elections, as well as the government’s keenness in lifting the immunities from the perpetrators of crimes and referring them to the Judiciary.

Al-Wakeel expressed his hope for mapping out a comprehensive national plan in the field of human rights that would take Sudan out of the item of special procedures related to the UN observation on this file.

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