“Its books corrupt morals of students”… Closing the doors of a huge library in portsudan

The University of Red Sea in eastern Sudan closed the doors of a huge library, a year after its opening, under the pretext that it contained books that “corrupt the morals of students.”

The director general of the cultural institution responsible for the library, novelist and storyteller Mohannad al-Dabi, accused some university administration officials of monitoring the library until its closure under flimsy pretexts.

Al-Dabi said in a post on “Facebook”: “This wonderful and beautiful place, after toil and trouble in choosing books that were in various fields of knowledge, and we were keen to have it in the most youth-rich area in the city of Port Sudan, the University of the Red Sea.”

He added, “We submitted a request to the university administration, and it approved it, and they gave us the place, according to a contract.

Then, after the October 25 coup, a new dean of library affairs came who supported very extremist Islamic ideas and started putting obstacles in the library’s progress.

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