Joint talks between the Ministers of Defence of the Sudan and Yemen

Lieutenant General Yas Ibrahim Yas, Minister of Defence, held joint discussions today with his Yemeni counterpart, General Mohsen Mohammed Hussein, who is visiting the country today at his office in the Ministry of Defence.

The two sides discussed the joint relations between the two countries and the importance of developing and advancing them, as well as exchanging experiences in the field of training and rehabilitation. They also discussed the historical relations between the two countries and our mother on the role that the Sudan continued to play for Yemen, pointing to the Sudan’s active participation in the storm of resolve and reaffirming hope, as well as the importance of coordination between the two countries in all international forums.

In a press statement following the talks, Defence Minister General Yas Ibrahim Yas praised the historic and distinct relations between the Sudan and Yemen, stressing the Sudan’s willingness to provide all assistance, particularly in the field of training, rehabilitation and exchange of experiences, and said that Yemen was in exceptional circumstances and hoped that the government and people of Yemen would be able to restore security and stability in their countries.

For his part, Yemen’s Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General Mohsen Mohammed Hussein, praised the efforts of the Sudanese leadership to achieve political consensus between all parties and political forces, commending the historic role of the Sudan and its support for the Yemeni people.

It is worth mentioning that the parties will sign a memorandum of understanding in the field of sharing experiences and training and qualification.

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