Kabashi meets British Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan

The member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, General Shams al-Din Kabashi, paid tribute to Sudan’s long-standing and historic relations with the United Kingdom.

During his meeting with the Republican Palace today, British Special Envoy for the Sudan and South Sudan Robert Fairweather stressed the need to consolidate, support and develop bilateral relations in the interests of the peoples of the two countries and meet their aspirations

His Excellency, the British envoy, was briefed on the current political situation, pointing out the need for concerted efforts and hard work towards a unified vision of completing the democratic transition and emerging from the current political crisis.

The member of the Sovereign Council noted that the meeting dealt with bilateral relations between the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan, on the basis of the Special Envoy’s responsibility, ways of supporting and developing them, and pushing them to greater heights.

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