Kara to form an investigation committee about Qenais incidents

Mr. Abbas Abdullah Kara, Governor of the Blue Nile Region, in charge of Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, issued a decision to form a committee to investigate the incidents of Qenais Sharq.

The committee headed by Mr. Falah Saleh Muhammad, with the membership of Mar. Haitham Abdullah, Lt. Colonel Jalaluddin Muhammad Alawi, and Lt. Colonel Salah al-Din Abdul Karim Police as a member, rapporteur, and the membership of Lt. Col. Al-Jaili Dafa Allah. And Captain Hamad Nile Abdullah.

The decision assigned the committee to the tasks of investigation and investigation into the creation of East Qenais, Taiba Islamic Complex, and the vehicle that was seized by the police to find out the causes and repercussions of the renewed problem.

The decision specified that the committee should carry out its work immediately and submit its report within (72) hours. The resolution also called on the committee to seek the assistance of whomever it deems appropriate.

Qenais area witnessed events that end lives of 7 people and wounded 23 others, and things returned to normal after the armed forces intervened, but clashes renewed in Umm Darfa (City 7) south of Roseires, leaving casualties and injuries.

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