Kassinger Islands.. touch of magic

Kassinger Islands are located in the north of Sudan.. It constitutes one of the destinations full of charm and beauty, due to its natural diversity that mixes water and greenery. Beautiful sandy islands in the heart of the Nile in Kassinger, Sudan. Astonishment is the title that sticks to your mind if it’s a calm boat trip and scenes that are hard to describe.

The nature of the area:

Kassinger is the name of the dozens of islands that lie on the Nile River in the northern state, connecting more than 75 islands scattered in a convergent geographical space connected by waterways. Natural islands, wild, natural islands, wild.

In this amazing land, it does not disappear, but rather expands with each new scene that touches the eye. Perhaps the pleasure of being in these places among its white sands, picturesque greenery, waterfalls and rocks is able to kill the hustle and bustle of the city and a key to spending a rich time of fun in the shades of orange, mango and palm fields, which represents the address of the people of Northern Sudan. The Kassinger is unique in terms of glamorous beauty and multiple tourist resources.

Main islands:

Among the most distinctive and splendid of those islands are:
– Slander
– Atemari

The intertwined trees that guard the shores of the islands and give another space for beauty appear to them. As for the palm trees, they rise to the top of the limbs, lofty, as if they seek water from the clouds that rise above the space of the place in the fall.

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