Khartoum Airport receives first Air Adele flights

Air Adele launched the most bullish company in the Middle East air transport industry on Thursday, June 23, 2022 First direct and regular flights to Khartoum, which is the company’s second destination on the African continent and the third to be inaugurated in 2022 And the fifth international terminal on its growing network of flights that currently includes both Dubai, Kuwait, Cairo, Amman and Khartoum officially operated today and new flights arrive from Riyadh and Jeddah with two flights daily. Operating new destinations is one of the objectives of the company’s strategic growth plan and expanding its services in order to reach new markets.

The first inaugural flight (F3635) left King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh at 10:00 am. The Airbus (A320) aircraft with a capacity of 186 landed at Khartoum International Airport at 11:50 am.

The recipients were the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the Sudan, Ali bin Hassan Jafar, Professor Osman Imam, Director General of the Sudanese Federal Tourism Department, and Professor Rakan Al-Uteibi, Head of Sales and Commercial Regulatory Affairs of Adele, along with airport leaders and representatives of the Civil AvAviation Authority in Khartoum.

Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Ali bin Hassan Ja ‘afar expressed his pleasure in operating ADEL for direct flights between the Kingdom and Khartoum, stressing that this will strengthen the growing relations between the two countries and a new delegation to open up a welcome prospect for the development of economic relations and trade between them.

Saudi-Sudanese relations were growing well, noting that the inauguration of the National Economic Carrier for new flights with Khartoum would facilitate the arrival of pilgrims and practitioners, as that aspect specifically received the Government’s attention and attention.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed bin Abdulkareem Al-Barahim, Executive Vice-President of Commercial Affairs and Customer Services, said that Adele Flight The addition of Khartoum airport to the company’s network of flights and linking it with two main terminals: Al-Habiba capital Riyadh and the gate of the Two Holy Mosques City of Jeddah, It will contribute to the strengthening of fraternal relations between the two peoples, as well as provide new economic flights benefiting pilgrims and practitioners in the Sudan, as well as support air traffic in order to raise the percentage of visits between the two fraternal countries.

He added that Ibrahim Saidoun and optimists to reach Khartoum. He said this distinctive Arab destination, which is known for its abundant history, its long heritage, its generosity of its people, their authenticity and the sincerity of their feelings, who always open their hearts to visitors before their doors.

Aviation Adele has listed 5 international destinations for its flight network in the summer 2022 season. This comes within the framework of the company’s desire to expand its flights and to realize the wishes and aspirations of customers, The destinations included Amman in Jordan, Tbilisi and Batumi in Georgia, Baku in Azerbaijan, Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, passengers can book their seats at the best prices for flights by visiting the website or through smartphone apps that feature a wide range of customer services.

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