Kim Jong Un threatened to destroy his southern neighbor’s army

During its celebration North Korea threatensNorth Korean President Kim Jong Un threatened to destroy his southern neighbor’s army and authority as Seoul made “dangerous adventures.”

“We warn the Government of South Korea that we are going to destroy its army if they make any dangerous adventures,” Kim said during the commemoration of the 69th anniversary of the armistice that stopped the Korean War.

He added: “If the south Korean regime and members of the military gangs consider taking us militarily and believe that they can proactively neutralize or destroy part of our military force on the basis of certain military means or methods, they are wrong.”Pyongyang was “fully prepared” for any military conflict with the United States.

North Korea warned that the United States and South Korea would face unprecedented security challenges if they did not stop their hostile campaign against it, including joint military exercises.”If the United States and its allies choose military confrontation with us, they will face unprecedented security instability,” Choi Jin, deputy director general of the Institute for Disarmament and Peace, told The Press.

Washington-Seoul joint military exercises this year are pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of war, accusing US and South Korean officials of planning to discuss the deployment of US nuclear strategic assets during another joint exercise scheduled to begin next month.

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