Kuwaiti assistance convoys for torrents-affected people in Sudan continue

The relief convoys provided by state of Kuwait through its societies and humanitarian and charity organizations for the floods-affected people in Sudan continued today by sending two supportconvoys which moved from forefront of premises of the Kuwaiti embassy in Khartoum for assisting thousand families who have been affected by floods and torrential rains in states of Gezira and River Nile

Kuwaiti ambassador to Sudan, Fahad Mashari Al-Zufairi , affirmed Kuwait’ support to Sudan would continue until it recovers x from the crisis , saying this a duty necessitated by the fraternal relations between the two countries.

Representative of Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC),Ma’ataqz Ibrahim has commended the Kuwait continuous support to Sudan to confront the various crises , saying the Kuwaiti humanitarian organizations remained coming the first in responding to the humanitarian cal.

Director-General of the International Islamic Charity Organization in Sudan, Khalid Abdel-Rahim, said 24 tons of foodstuffs and shelter materials would be distributed to 500 families in the River Nile State and to other 500 families in Gezira State .

He thanked Kuwaiti people who contributed to this support convoy , affirming that the International Islamic Charity Organization would continue in providing humanitarian assistance to the floods and torrential rains-affected people in Sudan.

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