Latest developments and military operations in Omdurman

High coordination, meticulous implementation and insistence of the army chief conducts a qualitative operation in Omdurman.

Army of Engineers and Repeat Army forces were able to open loopholes in the militia’s rapid support defences in the latter part of Omdurman Market and Arda Street.

These gaps in the militia’s defences enabled the Karri Army and the Army of Engineers to secure a supply route through which trucks and military equipment moved from the Sedna Valley north to the engineers south.

This breakthrough is considered a major achievement for the military in the Battle of Omdurman and a reinforcement of the Corps of Engineers defending forces whose rapid support militia has been trying to attack for days.

The coming days are expected to see fierce battles in Omdurman in particular in Omdurman Market, Omdurman Old Neighbourhoods and the Popular Market.

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