Launch of an archive project for the Sudan Women’s Movement on International Women’s Day

More than 20 events were held to mark International Women’s Day in Khartoum, ranging from art workshops, symposia, visual exhibitions and protest demonstrations.

In addition to launching an archive project on the women’s movement in the Sudan, one of the most important events in recognition of the efforts of Sudanese women.

The project was devoted to the collection of the missing archive of the women’s movement from 1940 to 2010.

The archive on display in the square of the French Cultural Centre has now shown a number of memoirs, women’s meetings and photographs of women leaders in feminist work who have left their mark on the struggle, as well as addresses in Sudanese newspapers containing press encounters about women’s efforts.

The archive included photographs and data on professors Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, Alawiya Mohammed, Amina Mukhtar, Awatef Ahmed Osman and the first lady judge, Ihsan Mohammed Fakhri.

According to the authors of the archives project, the documents or photographs now displayed are a presentation of the first survey of a portion of the archive reached, Conducted by researchers Safia Mohammed and Iman Mohammed Osman, Youssef’s beneficiaries have benefited from the program “Supporting the archives that are in danger” under the supervision of Dr. Elena Fizdesny and the Centre for Economic, Legal and Social Studies and Documentation, and a technical evaluation of the exhibition by Professor Rim Jaeli.

Sudanese women have spoken for themselves through an archive chronicling their struggle. Female athletes have played a part in celebrating their world day by marathon on the Nile for Sudanese cycling teams, emphasizing that Sudanese women have struggled so much to take away their rights, and the establishment of a women’s football team has been a turning point for the Sudanese women’s sports movement.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, the Basilica Platform celebrated the launch of its presence for Sudanese women in the creative and political spheres. The programme included two sessions of dialogue and discussion on women’s economic empowerment and the screening of a documentary film reviewing the role of women’s political participation, challenges and the road map, and the role of Sudanese women in the change and democratization process, which is reflected through pro-democracy feminist activities and initiatives.

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