Launch of Egyptian-Sudanese military maneuvers for training in securing the borders

The Egyptian army announced, on Sunday evening, the launch of the “South Guard-2” maneuvers with the Sudanese army, to train in securing borders and combating smuggling and infiltration.

The Egyptian army spokesman, Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez, said in a statement that the training activities will take place over several days (without specifying) at the Egyptian Border Guard Training Fields Complex.

The military maneuver will take place between the two countries, with the participation of elements of the Egyptian border guards and Sudanese infantry trained in border security tasks.

The first phase of the maneuver included holding an exhibition of newly used weapons, devices, and equipment in the field of border security, combating smuggling and infiltration, and achieving integration between forces and training.

Regarding the goal of the maneuver, the statement stated that it comes within the framework of the joint training plan to transfer and exchange experiences, enhance aspects of military cooperation, and develop joint work between the Egyptian and Sudanese armed forces.

On October 28, 2021, the activities of the “Southern Guard” maneuver, in its first edition, were concluded at the Muhammad Naguib military base in western Egypt.

The past two years witnessed an increase in the pace of the Egyptian-Sudanese exercises in light of tensions between the two countries with Ethiopia over its water dam on the Nile River.

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