Leaked US documents allege Mossad encouraged anti-govt protests in Israel

The Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service (Mossad) denied today, Sunday, US press reports that it was involved in encouraging demonstrations against the “judicial reform” plan adopted by the right-wing government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Washington Post and The New York Times reported that among secret documents recently leaked from the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) is an intelligence document that says that senior Mossad officials encouraged the agency’s employees and citizens to Israel, to participate in protests against the government.

Netanyahu’s office denied – in a statement on behalf of the Mossad – these reports, saying that “everything that was published last night in the American press is completely false and unfounded,” according to the “Kan” channel affiliated with the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

Yesterday evening, Saturday, Israeli cities witnessed protests for the 14th consecutive week against the government’s plan to reform the judiciary, despite Netanyahu’s announcement to suspend it.

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