Livestock exports to Saudi Arabia resume from Port Sudan

The export of livestock from Sudan to Saudi Arabia via Port Sudan has resumed, after a review of the protocol by Saudi authorities and the Sudanese Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries was concluded last week in the field of health requirements. The export of livestock and meat represent an important source of hard currency for Sudan’s state treasury.

The General Quarantines and Meat Health Administration of the Federal Ministry of Animal Resources sys via the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA), that 53,225 sheep and 93 camels were exported to Saudi Arabia over the last two days, which showed an immunity of 80 per cent.

Director-General of the General Quarantines and Meat Health Administration , Dr Ali Adam affirmed readiness of his administration to inspect, investigate, and quarantine livestock and meat, and tightening control over exports at land, sea and air ports. He praised the role played by the veterinary and technical staff at the ministry and their good performance at quarantine and inspection centres in the states.

Dr Adam said the quarantine centres are ready to receive any number of animals prepared for export.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry, Dr El Amir Jaafar, said in a press statement last week that after intensive efforts, the Ministry of Animal Resources was able to start shipping sheep to Saudi Arabia from the centres of the states of greater Kordofan, El Gedaref, Kassala through the final quarantine in Suakin.

Jaafar that the health measures taken by the ministry were convincing to the Saudi side in terms of animal health, disease control, epidemiological surveys and the implementation of the strategies to combat diseases that affect the exports and cross borders exports.

The Undersecretary affirmed that the ministry has a programme that operates in the states in health procedures and disease control field, noting that the national herd is free of diseases and is acceptable in the Saudi markets.

Jaafar said that the exports of live livestock to Saudi Arabia are continuing with the export of meat daily through Khartoum Airport and the ports to Egypt, pointing out that the exports are considered one of the pillars of the national economy to support the public treasury with foreign currency, in addition to making Sudan a distinguished position in the field of exports for all the Arab countries, especially the Gulf states.

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