Member of the Sovereign Council, Dr Salma Abdul Jabbar meets the delegation of the National International Peace Union

I met with Transitional Sovereign Council member Dr. Salma Abdul Jabbar Al Mubarak at her office in the Republican Palace today, the delegation of the National International Peace Union. The meeting addressed the issues of peace and its concepts and strengthened partnership with all groups and segments of society.

Mr. Idris al-Badawi, the Secretary-General of the Federation, said in a press statement that the meeting addressed the importance of activating the community partnership between the Federation and the competent authorities and striving to disseminate the concepts of peace to societies in order to sustain peace and development in the country.

Referring to the Union’s initiatives in this area, he added that the Federation seeks to build partnerships with all actors in order to establish peace and stability and support the transition process in the country.

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