Microsoft integrates artificial intelligence into all of its products

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has announced that his company plans to integrate AI tools like Chat GPT into all of its products and make them available as platforms for other companies to build on.

Nadella confirmed – during his participation in the annual event of the World Economic Forum in Swiss resort of Davos – that the company is moving quickly to market tools from “Open AI”, which is the research laboratory behind chatbots “Chatbot” and “ChatGPT”. and the Dall-E2 image generator, which converts language prompts into new images.

The company said – earlier – that it is giving more customers access to the software behind these tools through the Azure cloud computing platform. “The goal is to make (Azure) a place for anyone who thinks about artificial intelligence, that is, all companies and end users, including making GPT available to business users.”

Nadella declared, adding that “every Microsoft product will have some intelligence capabilities itself to completely transform the product.”

Microsoft is in advanced talks to increase its investment in OpenAI, the industry leader in artificial intelligence technology.

Microsoft CEO was optimistic about the broader economic potential of tools like ChatGPT, which can generate fast-voice text based on short queries or prompts.

Earlier, “Microsoft” said that it is a small player in the development of video games and is trying to increase the size of its game development studio and will not prefer its own games to its “Xbox” consoles.

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