Military leaders in Sudan threaten to end the UN mission in the country, and UN condemns

The Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, condemned the threat of the military leaders in Sudan to end the United Nations mission in Sudan, describing it as unacceptable.

Greenfield added in an interview with the American magazine “Foreign Policy” that this threat is condemnable, and the military leaders must withdraw it immediately, especially since the mission is important to ensure that the United Nations continues to support the Sudanese people, as she put it.

In order to allow aid to move through and to issue visas to aid workers, Greenfield encouraged military authorities in Sudan to find a way to cooperate with the UN.

In a related context, the United Nations Integrated Mission to Support the Transitional Phase in Sudan (UNITAMS) said yesterday, Friday, that it continued to communicate closely with the army and Rapid Support in order to urge them to put an end to hostilities.

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