Minister of Agriculture discusses plans and proposals for agricultural development

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, D. Abubakar Omar Al-Shabra today with the delegation of the Sudanese Agricultural Council headed by Prof Nusr Yusuf, Chairman of the Council, Director of Investment Management and Agricultural Companies and Director of Training Department of the Ministry of Agricultural Sector Development plans and proposals of the Council with the proposal of the Good Agricultural Practices Programme.

It aims to establish standards for the regulation and development of the sector for agriculture and to generate a quality shift through product quality through the quality and environmental safety and safety of agricultural workers.

During the meeting, the Minister paid tribute to the role played by the Council in the development of the agricultural sector.

He expressed his admiration for the Council’s proposals for the Good Agricultural Practices Programme and the Professional Agricultural Academy Programme. He promised to make efforts to provide a headquarters for the Academy and to legalize its status with the relevant authorities. He Also promised to provide all necessary support to the Good Agricultural Practices Programme.

For its part, Prof. Nasr Yusuf, President of the Agricultural Council, affirmed that the Council presented a strategic vision for the improvement of the agricultural sector in the Sudan and the transfer of agriculture from traditional to smart agriculture using modern technologies to track strategic crops through international standards adopted to strengthen the issuance. The project is also concerned with the granting of certified certificates.

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