Ministry of Health cancels entry restrictions for Sudan

The Federal Ministry of Health announced the removal of all restrictions on the entry of Sudanese and foreigners due to the coronavirus.

The technical committee to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic has recommended the elimination of all restrictions on entry into Sudan, while maintaining the health requirements of the entry points stipulated by the international pandemic, as part of the follow-up to the epidemiological situation internally and externally, Monitoring the global epidemiological situation, monitoring the emergence of mutants and taking the necessary measures as required, in addition to strengthening the health systems of expatriates at different entry points.

The Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health in charge of Dr.Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by conducting the necessary and circulating to the relevant authoritiesHe noted the importance of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine for the safety of all and as the first line in preventing and achieving the safety of COVID-19 citizens.

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