More than one billion and 217 million pounds development projects in White Nile State

The General Department of Planning, Development and Projects at the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the White Nile State launched 18 service projects during the year 2022, with federal and state funding amounting to more than one billion and 217 million and 943 thousand pounds, in the fields of drinking water, electricity and health, and work began to implement a number of them.from sorting the bids to the competing companies, work is expected to start in the coming days.

Mr. Fath Al-Rahman Moussa, Assistant Director of the General Administration for Planning, Development and Projects, said in a statement that the projects proposed by the administration include the electricity of the village of Umm Katirat, the electricity of the Kosti station, the electricity of the village of Saluki, and the electricity of the village of Al-Shati, in addition to supplementing the water of Al-Qaras and drilling and installing a well in the city of Al-Shatib. And the maintenance of the Umm Sunita school and the electricity of the village of Al-Montazah, and the project of drilling and installing a water well at Umm Sniqid, and the rehabilitation of Al-Marabi` Hospital and Wad Al-Labeeh.

Fath Al-Rahman said that these projects with federal funding amounted to about (650,334,489) pounds, obtained by the state after a number of visits made by the Governor of the White Nile Omar Al-Khalifa and Minister of Finance Fath Al-Rahman Abu Bakr to the Federal Ministry of Finance. He explained that there were projects that were put forward with state funding amounting to (676,609,274) pounds, which included the completion of the rest of the internal Alnasr road, the railway Alnasr road, the rehabilitation of the Kosti railway, and the rehabilitation of the region’s road to Freedom Square, confirming that the total amount amounted to (1,217,943,763) pounds.

The Director of the General Administration of Planning and Development indicated that there are also solar energy projects that were put forward with loyalty funding, and they included the lighting of the Kosti Bridge, the lighting of the Duwaim Bridge and the lighting of Andalus Road, stressing that these projects will see the light soon. He called for the need for all relevant authorities to unite to make these large development and service projects a success, which will make a qualitative leap in the state in the economic and social aspects.

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